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So I did Tough Mudder on Sunday 3rd August in Yorkshire….after no training. A tad insane!

I was so excited, despite having food poisoning all week beforehand. I drove 100+ miles to Broughton Hall and our team was complete half an hour before our start time.

We faced 11 miles or hard terrain, dotted with 25 different obstacles, of which there is only a 78% success rate. How I became part of that statistic is simple - teamwork, sheer grit and determination, and wanting to do my Grandad, Poppa, proud, who passed away 6 years ago from PSP. Tough Mudder was the day before his birthday, and he was looking down on me the whole way. I was raising money for the PSP Association, and have so far raised nearly £400, which is beyond anything I thought i’d achieve!

Our obstacles were :

Glory Blades - diagonally slanted wooden walls to fling yourself over
Arctic Enema - a skip full of ice water, and a central obstacle of tyres you HAVE to dive under….it was COLD
Haha Ditch - 3 mud ditches you have to slide into, and use teamwork to make it up and out of
Boa Constrictor - Diagonally downward sewage pipe into muddy water with barbed wire over the top, and a diagonally upward sewage pipe out
Kiss of Mud - crawling on your belly using feet and elbows to dig in underneath a roof of barbed wire
Hold Your Wood - pick up a massive log and carry it
Balls to the walls - a rope and wall climb up and over
Cliff Hanger - a climb up to the top of moorland
Hangin’ Tough - Monkey rings over water
Mud Mile - several muddy ditches with almost nothing to grip on to get in and out of, of which you revisit later on
Soggy bottom - a muddy hill to can only slide down on your bum, it’s the only fun way
Just the tip - Fingertips hanging on to a plank of wood, with only a few small foot planks to stand on
Electric Eel - crawl on your belly through water underneath barbs and wires hanging down pulsing electric shocks out
Hero Walls - 2 9ft walls to climb over using teamwork
Hero Carry - grab your team mates and get carrying!
Island Hoppin’ - floating line of islands that you have to cross or face going for a dip and a swim
Creek Crusade - a quick swim across some water
Walk the Plank - a 12ft jump into water
Bale Bonds - leap over some hay bales
Everest - sprint up a quarter pipe to get to the top and hope someone will grab your wrist to give you a hand
Electroshock Therapy - a field of live wires to run through, jumping over hay bales and avoiding muddy holes as you go, straight out to the finish line

The team completed in about 4.5hours as some of us started to suffer badly with muscle cramp or injuries some way around, and we weren’t going to leave each other behind. We were finishing as a team. We helped each other through every obstacle, whether it meant letting one of us more nervous to go ahead, crawling through the mud together, shouting out words of encouragement and tehnique, or giving a leg up out of ditches or up onto walls. Without each of us being there, our team wouldn’t have been complete

The whole event was incredible - difficult, but one heck of a proud moment when you cross that finish line!

And yes, I cried when I crossed that line and I received my Tough Mudder 2014 headband.

Poppa, that was for you.

Guess what?

I’ve just bought my Open Ticket for Tough Mudder 2015!!!


(I will now start running!)

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5 months since I last logged on….I need to get back on here ASAP!

Prepare for the bombardment of photos!

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I’M BACK!!!!!

For some reason, i haven’t been able to log into Tumblr since my last post in June/July, whenever it was. It’s been really furstrating and i couldn’t understand why, it’s like my laptop decided it couldn’t be bothered anymore….

Now my laptop has broken….so i’m borrowing one until i buy a new one, so fingers crossed it was just that!!

Now i can start posting things again :)

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21st July 2013

Flight Fitness Open Day trapeze skills.

I haven’t seen a pole and fitness studio with a trapeze yet that I can get to easily, so to now have one and to actually have a go was amazing!

The coffin (2nd image) was scary because you just see yourself moving up towards the ceiling….that means there’s a bigger gap to the floor! It was an amazing feeling to let go though, and I felt like I was floating.

The only downside is I got a bruise on my bum from shifting myself into position so I didn’t fall off….oh well!!

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21st July 2013

Flight Fitness Open Day

Had an amazing time at Flight Fitness in Leicester trying out some aerial hoop and trapeze. I have always wanted to give them a go and jumped at the chance!

Letting go of the hoop for the first time was terrifying! I even got cramp in my foot I was so nervous and was paranoid about pointing my feet in front of Lauren! She’s a brilliant instructor and makes everything look so effortless and beautiful, but also achievable to all of us who hadn’t even been up there before. Really can’t wait to do more hoop!

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